We Create Connected Brands

In 2018, Y&R joined forces with VML to create a new brand experience agency.

We are part of a global full-service marketing agency that thrives on creating work that brings people together. We believe everything in the universe is fundamentally connected. Our office is relentless in the pursuit of uncovering and creating inspiring connections that draw all of us closer together.

Resisting the usual ways of seeing, thinking and doing, we question everything. Using data and insights, we reimagine the entire connected consumer experience and create work that brings brands closer to customers, customers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world.



Understanding people requires you to truly reach out to them. At VMLY&R Philippines, we dig deeper than demographics, buying habits and budgets. We go beyond finding insights grounded on human truth and develop our strategy from there. Wherever we take the work, our clients know they’re on the right track in creating connections with the customers.


Brands have stories to tell. We bring them to life through connected consumer experiences. Those interactions create genuine, meaningful connections between people and brands. It’s no longer enough to talk to people about brands in today’s socially connected mediascape. We want people to talk to one another about those brands. That’s why we use insights to create honest narratives that deeply resonate and inspire people to be co-creators.


Arising from strong core ideas, we develop sets of experiences that are natural extensions of brands. We make something equally personal as it is innovative to allow seamless connections among people. All that while acknowledging the ever-changing behaviors of connected consumers and their ever-rising expectations of brands. Whether that’s an instore display, outdoor experience, app, or website, we harness technology to ensure a brand’s story is as impactful as it is consistent at every touch point.